15 May, 2010

SJ Alert EMS New OCS for USJ and Bandar Sunway

Dear Residents
We should like to inform you that we have new OCS (Officer in Charge of Station) for Balai Polis USJ and Balai Polis Bandar Sunway with effect from 15/05/2010

Here are their contact details:

Balai Polis USJ - 03 5635 6904
Inspector Puan Chia Bee Chuan - 012 3862255

Balai Polis Bandar Sunway - 03 5638 2122
Inspector Tuan Muniandy Rethiah - 012 3579731

as is normal, kindly extend the usual courtesies to them.
You can spread the inform to your friends and relatives living in Subang Jaya who are not on SJ Alert.

More information about them will be made known when the media reports become available.
In the meantime, we should like to wish the former OCS

ASP Tuan Loi Yew Lik - 012 4118843

Chief Inspector Tuan Harikrishnan s/o Muralitharan - 012 5818927

the very best in their new postings.


26 October, 2009

Car Break-in at Carrefour Subang Jaya Carpark on Monday, 26/10/2009 at 8.45pm

From: Robert Chan - Tmnet [mailto:robertec@tm.net.my]
Sent: Friday, 30 October, 2009 12:52 AM
To: SJ Alert EMS Community (sjalert@yahoogroups.com)
Subject: Car Break-in at Carrefour Carpark on Monday, 26/10/2009 at 8.45pm

Dear Residents

I went to Carrefour Subang Jaya with the family on Monday 26/10/2009 at about 8.00pm to get a quick dinner remembering that a few weeks back someone reported to SJ Alert EMS that her car was broken into whilst she was there. I parked the car very close to the 3rd floor entrance as I normally do, I don't just park in any available parking space and most times I would even wait for such parking space to become available.

See all the pictures here

Having found what I thought was a safe enough place (four cars away and facing the entrance), I thought nothing of leaving my Computer & Digital cameras in the car. These items were well hidden behind the driver's seat. It was not possible to see inside the rear of the car as I have very heavy tints and sun shades that permanently covered the rear windows. We went our merry way, thinking that since the period at Carrefour would be very short it would be okay,

We finally did not have Dinner at Carrefour and returned to the car at around 9.15pm to find that the rear driver's window of my car was smashed and items inside removed. I will post the pictures that I took with my mobile phones at a later date when my Computer system is purchased.

What I lost
These are the Material things that were stolen
1. Dell Vostro Notebook (Service Tag No.D94FS1S / Express Service Code: 288-498-206-08) which I was bringing home to re-install Windows Vista Business together with all the original CDs, external Hard Disks, My Internet Banking Security Cards and Internet Banking Dongles, etc...
2. A Canon 7.1 Megapixel Compact Digital Camera and
3. My newly purchased (02/10/09) Pentax Digital SLR Camera (Serial No. 3166127147442) & Lens (Serial No.6501617147392)., including a few hi capacity SDHC Cards and other photographic accessories... I was to use the camera the next day to take pictures of the various proposed LRT sites to highlight at the www.lrttosubangjaya.blogspot.com website so that residents have a better perspective when they submit their comments and feedbacks.

Total cost of my carelessness: RM6,000.00

What is not so easy to replace
What I also lost was 20days of my working life (according to my last full backup of my Hard Disk), these included almost all the emails and files that I used to setup the LRT to Subang Jaya/USJ Website, SJ Alert members registration and other work related research and more than 2500 pictures I took with the new camera during my recent overseas trips.

There was a witness who saw the incident (he works as a promoter at Carrefour). He said that as he was parking his car at about 8.45pm, he noticed a small sized Chinese looking guy reaching into and removing things from my car and immediately ran to a waiting motorcycle upon been spotted. This witness says he is able to identify the criminal and that he was willing to help the Police and Carrefour to spot the crook if he should decide to return to do his dirty deed again..

My apologies

I am sorry that I have added to the crime statistics in Subang Jaya, that I am one very careful person with regards to ensuring that there are no opportunities for crime to happen actually amounts to nothing. I suppose you can say that no one is immune to Crime, we can only always remember to be vigilant to prevent it from happening..I have been dispensing advice as if I was some expert in Crime prevention sadly I have been brought down to earth.

Remedial Action

Together with Mr. Teoh of SJ Echo, we approached the management of Carrefour Subang Jaya the very next day. And after a long discussion with Mr. Antoine Gerrier - the Store Director, Mr. Micheal Chang the Security Officer in the presence of Ms Kumutha Veeriah the Customer Care Manager, we have been assured that Carrefour Subang Jaya will dispense their Corporate responsibilities by taking immediate steps to prevent another such incident from happening in their premises and to their customers, these steps include::

1. Brightening all Car Park areas in Carrefour Subang Jaya
2. Installing CCTV around the Car park areas with clear indications to would-be criminals that the area is CCTV monitored
3. Increased regular patrols by their security personnel

all these to be implemented within 2 weeks from the date of our meeting. We have also been invited by Mr. Antoine Gerrier to make a joint inspection together with the Police that the needful has been done.
By the way Antoine is now a member of SJ Alert.

Crime prevention is a shared responsibility.... there I go again, dispensing advice, sorry..

And YES a Police report was made.


For more comments with regards to the Car Break-in at Carrefour Subang Jaya goto:

29 April, 2009

SJ Alert EMS Traffic Police Inspector knocked down by Mat Rempit on 27/04/2009

From: SJAlert@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SJAlert@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of kuan
Sent: Wednesday, 29 April, 2009 7:52 AM
To: SJAlert@yahoogroups.com; chiaying@thestar.com
Subject: SJ Alert EMS Traffic Police Inspector knocked down by Mat Rempit on 27/04/2009

Dear SJ Alert,
A traffic police inspector was knocked down by Mat Rempit in Puchong Prima on 27th April 2009 night. Community policing of IPD SZubang jaya is organising a trip to IPD Subang Jaya on 29th April at 3.00 pm to visit the injured officer. Anyone who is interested to join please be present at IPD SJ at 3.00 pm. The police may need to use preventive laws on them and I hope no politician will come out and accuse the police of power abuse. Reason? During a robbery many victims may not be able to receive their due justice. The defense lawyers will argue and the trial normally will take some time and many victims hours will be wasted. Often the victims are ladies and old people who may not want to attend trial for many times and the case will most probably be DNA. Its sending a very wrong signal to the aggravators. The police may opt for a more comprehensive approach by sending this dangerous young boys to Simpang. They may invoke EO and will very much hope to curb this menace. But politics nowadays will accuse the police for being bias and inhumane.

Mana boleh betul? Buat tak boleh tak buat tak boleh? I had suggested that EO must not only be taken for the rempits but the motorbike shops owner that help them to modified their motorcycles so that they speed better.We will be calling IGP also to mobilise its special branch officers to gather information on this groups. If we can fight communist hiding in the jungle, PDRM have a much easier task here. But only politics don't come in. The tiger of PDRM sudah kena cabut gigi and not be able to bite anymore as politicians keep barging into their offices demanding justice for criminals. The public is in euphoric condition when PR sweeps 5 states. But there are many tsunami politicians who lost their feets and try to outdo one another by doing headhunting on the police and berpura pura fighting on human rights ground by by breeding a new proteected species of criminals. I will not be surprised if our crime worsen in two years time as criminals who perceived to received protection from politicians will become bolder.

Let the police do its job. Look clearly whether it is a clear cut of police abuse or not. Look at the alleged victim background. If he is a student or normal person we shall then fight for their rights. When criminals come chopping your hands and permanently scarred your faces, they are asking for human rights? Huh, what kind of world we are living in now? If the police will treat them nicely, give them coffee or tea sie attitude, then many will repeat their wrongdoings. I salute YB Hanna for not interfering in police works and she clearly knows that she will be certainly sending a wrong signals out to the criminals if she does.


23 April, 2009

Robbery by Mat Rempits at SS17 on 23/04/2009 at 7am

From: Amanjeet Singh [mailto:amanjeet@streamyx.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 28 April, 2009 8:17 AM
To: SJAlert@yahoogroups.comSubject:
SEIZE IT! - Mat Rempits

With the current spate of Mat Rempit robberies, it is a relief to see today 's Sunday Star headline "Seize it!". The authorities, the Police represented by the IGP and the Road Transport Department represented by the Transport Minister are finally getting their act together.

Measures that are proposed include:
  • Joint operations by the Police and RTD at various locations
  • Seizing the motorcycles
  • Summoning the registered owners if riders are underage or without valid licenses
  • Those caught would be fined or jailed
  • After a long slumber by the authorities, this is a good start but I doubt if it is enough.
Before I share what else that is required, I'l share what happened to my family at 7am on Thursday, 23rd April 2009.
My car was parked outside my house in SS 17, Subang Jaya. While my wife, sister and I were entering the car, we attacked by a group of Mat Rempits. There were more than 10 motorcycles with most of them with pillion riders. The pillion riders alighted and they conducted a clinical operation. They broke in 3 groups and attacked us separately. They seized the handbags and mobiles from the ladies. Then they went for the gold chains and frisked their hands for bangles. As for me, the only male in the group, a few of them keep me busy with punches and kicks. They had almost started using their crash helmets on me when their leader made his call and they rode off. They were so methodical and calculating that they had earlier detained the newspaper man who was doing his rounds to prevent him raising the alarm.

All in all, we lost 2 gold chains, 2 bangles, 2 mobiles and considerable cash. My sister, an Australian national was carrying Australian Dollars. All 3 of us were badly cut and bruised. However the psychological impact is more severe. The ladies can still feel the hands on their neck and the aura of a safe neighborhood is forever shattered. We now are in a constant state of apprehension and fear. Always looking over the shoulder.

The following are some of my observations and suggestions that the Minister and IGP could possibly adopt:
  • The same gang prowled in the same are a day earlier at the same time (about 7am) and they robbed people. The police confirm that reports were lodged. However, no proactive measures were taken by the police to avert a similar incident
  • A few minutes before we were robbed, they attacked another resident. This resident called the police but no patrol car was sent. There was no immediate response.
    Immediately after robbing us, they attacked and robbed the deaf and mute girl in the Shell Shell Station in SS 17.
  • No efforts were taken to secure the CCTV until almost 1.30pm. If their photos are available, why were they are not flashed in the media
    Immediately after being attacked, I called the Balai Polis Subang Jaya 3 times. No response
  • In my report, I offered information that I think was critical, ie. my newspaper man was stopped by this gang from warning us and about the resident who called the balai. No efforts were made by the police to find out their names or addresses. What if identification was required?
  • No national coherent plan to address this menace. By a coherent plan, it would entail raising the intelligence on such gangs. This could be done by surveillance or infiltration.
This plan must be cascaded right down to the police districts and the mata-mata
Tabs should be kept of these mat rempits and they should kept under surveillance and followed
Use modern technology to track these guys.
  • The plan would include measures to hurt these Mat Rempits where it would hurt them the most - impounding their motorbikes (this has been addressed by the IGP / Minister)
  • Legislation may have to be passed to address this menace. There is no whiff of this at all.
  • These guys are biking, racing, drinking and shooting drugs at night. How difficult would it to detect these gangs and take action
  • Test them for drugs and drink driving. This is more important that merely arresting them for illegal racing.
  • Frisk them regularly
  • Get the public involved.
  • If we do not address this menace, these 20 aged something are going to grow up and create more problems for the country.
  • There was considerable foreign currency that was robbed. No efforts were made to alert money changers. When this was pointed out to the police, they said that the money changers are not cooperative
  • The patrol cars must show its presence on the streets throughout the day. I see many cars parked in the balai always
  • Free up policeman from escort duties . I am sure the PM, the VVIPs and the royals could do with less escorts
  • Free up policemen from traffic warden duties. Use retired policemen for traffic warden duties during peak hours.
There are a few perceptions that should be addressed and dispelled.
They are:
  • After being patronized xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, there seems to be a general perception that these Mat Rempits are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx.
  • There is a perception that the police is not serious in addressing this menace.
    What we would to see that the Minister of Home Affairs and the Police develop a holistic and coherent plan to address this Mat Rempit menace. This plan should include KPIs at the national level and operational KPIs that are cascaded down to every police district, right down to the mata-mata. For the police districts, there should strategies in place to achieve these KPIs. In addition, a score card must be kept and shared with the public.
Amanjeet Singh
Subang Jaya

14 April, 2009

YB Hannah Yeoh was almost attacked at USJ11/1 on 14/04/2009 at 9.20am

Dear Residents

I received a telephone call at around 9.30am from a traumatized YB Hannah Yeoh who related to me an incident that happened to her just a few minutes earlier.

She was driving alone around USJ11/1 this morning, as she was slowing down at a road hump, out of nowhere came a motorcyclist right next to her car window. He was in the process of taking out a weapon from under his shirt (probably to smash the windows). YB Hannah was shocked and the only thing she thought of doing was to sound her car horn continuously. This probably scared the criminal who promptly rode off.

Within seconds of this happening to herself, she called Tuan Loi of Balai Polis USJ and she called me to send out an SJ Alert to inform residents of the danger at such road humps and for residents to be alert of suspicious motorcyclist following behind their cars in quiet areas in USJ.

As with most of us, in her stunned state she did not notice the Number plates, helmet, dressing etc.. of the motorcyclist.

I must take my hat off to YB Hannah, traumatised, stunned and what have you and still thinking of the residents. To say she is too good would be an under-statement.


05 February, 2009

Robbery at SS14 on 02/02/2009 @3.15pm

From: SJAlert@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SJAlert@yahoogroups.com]
Sent: Thursday, 05 February, 2009 1:49 AM
To: SJAlert@yahoogroups.com
Subject: SJ Alert EMS Another addition to the Police Statistics ...!

Dear All

Last Monday, my son added himself to the police statistics ...!

He was robbed while walking in SS14 towards the secondary school ... the incident happened at 3.15pm and was over in less than 5 minutes ... actually, he had earlier noticed two Indians on a bike while walking on the main road (Jalan SS14) and decided to walk a slight detour, taking a route between some houses (the small green patch which you can hardly call a playground, per se, next to end-lots of the terrace houses) ... unfortunately, just as he almost-exited the second row of terrace-houses, he was accosted by one Indian guy on foot (the other Indian guy was on the bike about 10meters away, waiting) who approached him asking for directions, and then asking to use his mobile phone ... when my son said that his phone had "no credit', the Indian guy pulled out a knife (similar to the Swiss knife type) and asked him whether he knew what the object was ... so my son handed over his handphone and Rm150 cash from his wallet ... fortunately, he had a little "wit" still left with him at the time (despite the shock/fright) to "bargain" with the Indian guy to just take the cash and let him keep his wallet ... so we are spared the hassle of re-applying for all the important documents had he given up the wallet too ...

We immediately made a police report at the SS17 Balai ... I must say, it was most efficiently handled by the front-desk corporals ... and later the "interview" with the Investigating Officer ... we were done in under an hour, all in.

Suffice to say, C/Insp Sulaiman was (later) personally informed ... as were the regular contacts in SS14 (namely Teoh and Joe Singh) to keep them informed & on the alert ...

Anyway, last evening (Wed, 4 Feb), our plainclothes men-in-blue managed to nab two Indian suspects in SS14 ... but unfortunately, they were not the ones who robbed my son ... so while it's Syabas to Tuan Sulaiman and his men, the job's not over ... yet ... and this means, unfortunately, there's still another gang operating around ...sigh!

That said, I have some hunches and leads on possible culprits (culled from inquiries I have made) ... and am pursuing them ... of course, some info was communicated to Tuan Sulaiman ...

So folks, do be very careful as you go about your daily living in SJ/USJ (or for that matter, wherever) ... it's sad but we need to constantly look over our shoulder everywhere ...stay alert ... we always are warned to be on the look-out and watchful of our surroundings, but even then, sometimes, the situation just cannot be foiled and thus, we add to the every-increasing police statistics ...


04 February, 2009

Police Nab Two Snatch Theft and Robbery Suspects on 04/02/08

From: SJAlert@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SJAlert@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of TH TEOH
Sent: Wednesday, 04 February, 2009 10:38 PM
To: SJAlert@yahoogroups.com
Subject: SJ Alert EMS SS17 Police Nab Two Snatch Thieves

Police Nab Two Snatch Theft and Robbery Suspects
Public information and quick police action leads to arrest of duo

CLOSE cooperation from residents and swift police action ended the reign of terror of two armed snatch thieves and robbers in Subang Jaya following the arrest of the duo late this evening (Feb 4).Tailed by plainclothes policeman for several hours without their knowledge, the two suspects had circled around SS14 and SS18 before the long arms of the law reached out to grab them in the residential area.The suspects, two Indian men in their mid to late thirties, had been on a crime spree for some time now, mugging and robbing residents, including students of their belongings.Their modus operandi, one of them would approach the victim on the pretext of an emergency and needing to make a call from the victim's mobile phone. Once the existence of a phone is confirmed, the suspect would wield his knife or dagger relieving the victim of their mobile phone and valuables.

The second suspect would then approach before the duo escaped on their motorcycle.According to SS17 police station officer-in-charge Chief Inspector Sulaiman Baputty, police believe the arrest of the duo would shed light on several snatch theft and robbery cases in Subang Jaya."The duo had two knives and also a bottle of petrol on the motorcycle. We believe they used this to threaten their victims.""My officers had been tailing the duo for the whole afternoon before deciding to move in on them," he said.Sulaiman thanked residents for providing information and also a description of the suspects which led to the latter's arrest.

23 January, 2009

House Break-in at USJ23/5A on 22/01/2009 during the day

Dear Residents

There was a house break-in closer to home yesterday. A corner house along USJ23/5A was broken into during the day.

I want to highlight to you guys some details

1. we are a gated and guarded community.
2. there was a fierce dog "unleashed" and guarding the house.
3. there was an alarm system (but sadly it was not turned on).
4. the last time a house was broken into at USJ23 was back in November 2003

These robber/s were professionals at work, they cut the alarm wires (they did not know that the alarm system was not turned on), hacked in from the back side entrance, - they even used the laundry left out to dry as cover, broke the interior doors and ransacked the whole house.

As you can imagine cash and jewellery were taken, nothing else - (sorry about this KK I am sure there was). Passports, air tickets, Aussie $ Bank Draft and personal documents were left untouched which would indicate that these robber/s are educated enough to know what is of value.

This is yet another reminder that we must not be complacent even if we think that we have taken all the necessary precautions to safe guard our home and properties, especially during these hard times.

Every effort helps in the prevention of Crime, Alert Residents, Alert Neighbours, Alert Guards and Alert Police.

So if you are going away this coming festive period inform your neighbours and make sure you register for the Balik Kampung - Rumah Selamat Campaign.

Crime Prevention is a shared Responsibility